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l am a wife, mum of four amazing children, and passionate about my photography. l get a huge amount of pleasure from photographing peoples children, as l am preserving precious moments that pass so quickly. Whether a new baby, or your teenager, I'll listen to your ideas, or lead the way so together we get images you will adore. I don't have a studio because I prefer to use natural light where I can. The possibilities are endless, and location shooting is so much fun.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Busy busy!

Wow...I haven't posted for ages! That's terrible....! But good in a's been a bit manic!

Apparently there is a baby boom, and a huge proportion are girls. You'd think it would always be about 50 50, wouldn't you? Very strange...I'd love to know the scientists take on why.
Mind you, it does mean I get to use all the pretty stuff!

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