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l am a wife, mum of four amazing children, and passionate about my photography. l get a huge amount of pleasure from photographing peoples children, as l am preserving precious moments that pass so quickly. Whether a new baby, or your teenager, I'll listen to your ideas, or lead the way so together we get images you will adore. I don't have a studio because I prefer to use natural light where I can. The possibilities are endless, and location shooting is so much fun.

Thursday, 12 May 2011


Dexter slept so soundly during the session, he allowed me to try some new things.

Every session is a learning experience, as no two babies are the same, and I must change what I do to get the best from each shoot.
I am finding myself getting better and better at settling, positioning, and thinking of new things, and every time I come away eager for the next one to have that chance to get better still.
I wonder if I will ever consider myself beyond improvement....I don't think so.....I enjoy learning too much.

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